Sakyadhita, “Daughters of the Buddha,” the world’s leading international organization of Buddhist women, is an alliance of women (and men) committed to transforming the lives of women in Buddhist societies.
The 13th Sakyadhita International Conference on Buddhist Women is from January 5-12, 2013, in Vaishali, Bihar, India. For Buddhist women, Vaishali is twice notable. First Lord Buddha ordained the first woman, his stepmother and aunt, Mahaprajapati, at Vaishali. Second he delivered his last sermon at Vaishali and announced his Parinirvana there.
This year’s conference theme, “Buddhism at the Grassroots,” highlights the efforts and achievements of Buddhist women who work to alleviate the sufferings of living beings “on the ground.” Presenters will share their own work and a variety of approaches, including social activism, performance, education, meditation, and philosophy.
The Objectives of Sakyadhita are:
To establish an international alliance of Buddhist women
To advance the spiritual and secular welfare of the world’s women
To work for gender equity in Buddhist education, training institutional structures, and ordination
To promote harmony and dialogue among the Buddhist traditions and other religions
To encourage research and publications on topics of interest to Buddhist women
To foster compassionate social action for the benefit of humanity

To promote world peace through the teachings of the Buddha.

For more information: http://www.sakyadhita.com
Regarding this website/blog, contact: adhimutta.bhikkhuni@gmail.com
Website and photos made by Karen Jensen (USA), Eveline (Indonesia), Marie Venø Thesbjerg (Denmark), Adhimutta Bhikkhuni (New Zealand)

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