Welcome ceremony

The historical 13th Sakyadhita conference with 600 participants from 32 countries began today with the opening ceremony; nuns from different Buddhist traditions carrying the Buddha Sakyamuni statue inside the conference room and chanted prayers.

The participants were welcomed by Brishan Patel, Minister of Public Relation & Transportation in Bihar, Venerable Khiet Minh, Abbess of the Mahaprajapati Temple in Vaishali, Venerable Myung Woo Sunim, head of the Korean Bhiksuni Assosciation, Venerable Ren-Hua, President of Hua Fon Foundation, Venerable Jetsuma Tenzin Palmo, Venerable Karma Leshe Tsomo, Venerable Thich Nu Tink Nguyen, Deputy head of the Department of Bhikkhuni Affairs, Vietnam Sangha.

Afterwards Indian dancers performed the dance “Homage to the Buddha” among other dances.

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