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The 13th Sakyadhita International Conference on Buddhist Women will be held in Vaishali (Bihar) India, January 5-12, 2013
Sakyadhita, Daughters of the Buddha, the world’s leading International organisation of Buddhist women, is an alliance of women (and men) committed to transforming the lives of women in Buddhist societies.
The Conference theme for this year, “Buddhism at the Grassroots,” highlights the efforts and achievements of Buddhist Women who look to alleviate the sufferings of living beings “on the ground.” Presenters will share their own work and a variety of approaches including social activism, performance, meditation and philosophy.
Since the 1950s, Buddhism has undergone a revival throughout the world. No longer confined to monasteries and retreat centers, Buddhism is being taught as a practice for everyday living. Until recently, Buddhist women primarily supported the practice of others, but today women are among the most dedicated and dilligent practitioners. The 13th Sakyadhita Conference will highlight the achievements of Buddhist Women from earliest times until today.
The president of Sakyadhita International, Dr Christie Chang, said,” We are expecting 600 women from 32 countries to attend, and up to 1000 for the opening ceremony.”
“We are here to remember how the Buddhist nuns’ sangha started, to remember Mahaprajapati and the achievements of the nuns, and how this lineage managed to sustain itself for so many years in so many different places, and now we’re bringing them back nuns from all round the world to the place where it all began.”
“So I’m seeing this as a reunion we come back to reconnect with our origin, and by sharing ideas, inspiring each other I’m sure we will return home with even more inspiration to alleviate suffering of sentient beings, and also by being together we are creating a network of sisterhood and support to help us in our work.”

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