Lise McKean presents the art exhibition “StreamLines”

StreamLines is a collective project to exhibit contemporary visual and sound art in the open spaces of a four-story Vietnamese pagoda in Vaishali, India. The exhibition is hosted by Sakyadhita International at the site of its Conference of Buddhist Women in January 2013.

This biennial event brings together Buddhist nuns and other people involved with and interested in Buddhist practice and the conditions of women and girls throughout the world. Vaishali is a pilgrimage place where the Buddha ordained his aunt Mahaprajapati as the first Buddhist nun. From North India, the Buddha’s teachings and Buddhist art traversed continents and melded with artistic and religious cultures and created new ones.

Countless tributaries flow into the ocean of contemporary art—some with explicit affinity to Indian and Buddhist traditions, others with undercurrents of their ideas, practices, and aesthetics. StreamLines gives conference participants and other visitors the chance to experience contemporary art in a milieu that celebrates ephemeral form and contemplative experience. The artwork is being exhibited throughout the temple alongside existing displays popular Buddhist religious art. Please enter StreamLines and ride its currents wherever they may take you.

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